Op. Dr. Şafak Çakır

Fast Facts

Op. Dr. Şafak Çakır

Plastic And Aesthetic Surgeon

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About Me:

I am a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon with over 9 years of practice. I specialize in a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, including facial surgery, body contouring, and breast augmentation. I have extensive knowledge of the latest surgical techniques and technologies, and I strive to provide the highest quality of care to my patients. Additionally, I am committed to staying up to date on the latest developments in my field, and I have been published in several medical journals. Furthermore, I have a strong background in patient education and communication, allowing me to build trusting relationships with my patients.


College of Medicine | Jun 2008 – Apr 2014

Eskisehir Osmangazi University
Doctor of Medicine
Graduated with distinction, GWA: 3.75


Op.Dr.Safak Cakir | Agu 2022-present

Plastic Surgeon

  • Examined patients to determine necessity of surgery.
  • Provided appropriate surgical procedures and treatment.
  • Performed surgery on the face and body.
  • Used established surgical techniques during operations.

Rize Training and Research Hospital | 2020-2022

Plastic Surgeon

  • Created diagnostic and therapeutic plans for surgical patients
  • Performed major and minor surgeries under senior supervision
  • Ensured post-surgical care

Specialisations :

• Deep Plane Facelift Surgery
• Infection Control
• Minimally Invasive Surgery


• Performed over 500 successful facelifts.
• Performed over 1000 tummy tucks.
• Performed over 800 breast augmentations.
• Made 1220 people look younger with face aesthetics and Juvederm injections.
• Reconstructed patients’ noses post-trauma.

Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Medicine - 2014

Certificate of Expertise

International Congress on Occupational Accidents, Hand Injuries And Amputations

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures Course

International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate

Implant Mastopexy Certificate

EPCD 2020 Participation Certificate

Plastic Surgery Assistant School Certificate

Practice Compliance Certificate

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