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Common Plastic Surgery Myths

The ease of access and adaptability of plastic surgery have led to many myths and misconceptions about the field. Although innocuous for the most part, these misunderstandings may have undesirable outcomes for potential patients. Keep reading to dispel some of the widespread myths and misunderstandings about cosmetic surgery. Everyone Will Know That You Have Had […]

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Choosing a Facelift Surgeon

The choice of surgeon and hospital for any type of surgical procedure is a crucial one. Whether you have the procedure done in your home country or choose an international option, there are some things you should consider before deciding to have surgery. Keep reading to learn more about all the qualities and qualifications to […]

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A Coin with Both Sides: Gastric Sleeve Surgery

In today’s world, people live more fast-moving lives and are always on the go. Many don’t pay too much attention to their diet, and access to processed foods is easier than nutrition foods. This easily leads to people gaining weight and becoming obese. And with obesity comes the risk of many more health risks, such […]

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How to Get a Flatter Stomach?

Nobody wants to have belly fat that is going to ruin their confidence and dull their physical appearance. As a matter of fact, a protruding belly can even make you look bigger than you are, hint at poor health, and may put you at risk of developing health issues in the future. A flat stomach […]

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Long-term Diet After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is one surgical procedure that plays an instrumental role in enabling drastic weight loss. The ideal candidates for this surgery are individuals who are severely obese and who can’t just shed pounds by following diets and exercise routines. Severe obesity can cripple people and limit their ability to live a quality life. […]

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Victoria Beckham’s Plastic Surgery Journey

Victoria Beckham, the pop icon of the 90s and early 2000s, has always been famous for her timeless fashion and elegant looks. She went from being a member of the famous girl group, the Spice Girls, to becoming a successful fashion designer.  Her unique looks have helped set her apart in the industry. However, her […]

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What Causes Belly Fat in Females?

Belly fat in females has become more common in modern times. Humans, in general, now live a much more fast-paced life than before and often lack activity in their daily routines. This leads to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region, and for women in particular, this can result in a lack of confidence […]

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Can You Change Your Body Type or Shape?

Don’t we all love the idea of having the perfect body? Everybody’s reasons are different for wanting to change their body type. Some may want it to increase their desirability and give them a drastic boost in confidence. Others may want this change to get a slimmer body and an improvement in mobility.  Certain people […]

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What Happens If You Hit Your Nose After Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty procedures have taken the world by storm lately. Some get it done to help make their nose have a better shape, while others go with this surgery to help with better breathing. Nonetheless, just like any other medical procedure, rhinoplasties come with their own after-care protocol.  While doctors will recommend patients take it easy […]

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How to Get a Toned Tummy?

Everybody wants their dream look of having a slim body with a toned tummy. However, our busy schedules and fast-paced lifestyles have made it so much harder to look after ourselves and take care of our bodies.  The problem of obesity is only increasing, and it has become much easier to reach for unhealthy, processed […]