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Where Does Male Pattern Baldness Come FromCategoriesBlog

Where Does Male Pattern Baldness Come From?

Male pattern baldness, one of the problems faced by many males today, is a condition based on genetic and hormonal factors. This condition usually occurs due to genetic predisposition and causes hair loss in men. In this blog, we will discuss the male pattern baldness stages and why this condition occurs. Male Pattern Baldness: Stages […]

How to Tightening Face Skin and BodyCategoriesBlog

How to Tightening Face Skin and Body?

Today’s cosmetic surgery techniques offer a variety of options for those wanting to address aging signs and reshape their body contours. Thigh lifts and arm lifts have become popular among those who want to achieve these goals. In other words, as the demand to deal with the effects of aging increases, many people are looking […]

Why Do People Become ObeseCategoriesBlog

Why Do People Become Obese?

Obesity is a global issue impacting millions and challenging healthcare systems. Understanding the obesity causes is essential for designing effective prevention and intervention strategies. In this blog, we explore the causes of obesity, including childhood obesity causes, and delve into the effects of this prevalent health condition. Surgical options for intervention, including gastric bypass and […]

What Are Risks of ObesityCategoriesBlog

What Are Risks of Obesity?

Today, obesity is an emerging health problem globally. It is widespread among people and is associated with various health risks. Concerning the risks of obesity, it has serious consequences that go beyond weight gain and can lead to the development of many diseases obesity causes. In this blog post, we will examine the health risks […]


Dove Cameron’s Plastic Surgery Journey

Dove Cameron, born in 1996 as Chloe Celeste Hosterman, pursues a career as an American singer and actress. Before she took part in the film Descendants, she had a Disney Channel program called Liv and Maddie. So, she is one of the Disney girls. It is true to say that although she is at the […]


Does Angelina Jolie Have Any Plastic Surgery?

It is undeniable that Angelina Jolie is one of the most popular women in Hollywood. Angelina Jolie, who was born in 1978, was an American actress, and her parents were both actors and actresses. She became famous thanks to her talent for acting and her beauty. She participated in the entertainment industry when she was […]


Ageless Beauty: Madonna’s Plastic Surgery Journey

Madonna, who is presented as the “Queen of Pop,” started her career when she moved to New York to further her contemporary dance career. Throughout her career, her performances and songs have left a strong impact on her audience. In addition to her profession, people have always been curious about how she maintains a youthful […]


Bella Hadid’s Rhinoplasty Surgery

Fascinating people with her beauty, Bella Hadid is considered one of the most famous models worldwide. She comes from a celebrity family; her mother is Yolanda Hadid, her father is Mohammed Hadid, and her sister is another renowned model, Gigi Hadid. She started her modelling career in the 2010s, and since that time, her popularity […]


Salma Hayek Before and After Breast Implants

Salma Hayek, who was born in the year 1966 in Mexico, is a well-known actress. Hayek is a very talented actress; many people watch her films and TV series with great admiration. She looks younger than her age.  When looking at her appearance, we cannot say she is 57. Her acting career started in 1989. […]


Elon Musk Hair Transplant

The Complete Guide to Elon Musk’s Hair Transplant You can find the guide to Elon Musk’s hair transplantation process below. Also, do not forget to contact Mayclinik for detailed information about Hair Transplant Turkey services! Who is Elon Musk? Elon Musk is a well-known entrepreneur and innovator who has worked with a number of well-known […]