Why Turkey?

Turkey is among the top 10 in health sector in the world with its health infrastructure and quality of tourism potential as a medical tourism destination. Medical tourism is highly developed.Turkey has hosted 700,000 visitors for medical tourism in 2017. Turkey, renowned for its thermal resources, is a country meeting the demands of tourists and offers the best quality of accommodation in five-star hotels.

Our country, thanks to the Health Transformation Program having the high quality of provision of health services for our citizens in recent years, has the rapidly growing potential of health tourism and is the most preferred one among the countries of top quality.Turkey has 50 health facilities with medical equipment of latest technology and highly trained professionals accredited by the Joint Commission International.Turkey, the world is located at 50 JCI accredited hospital is the second by the number of accredited health institutions.The number of private and public facilities controlled by the Ministry is much more than that.

There are three great advantages of medical tourism in Turkey; reasonable price, instant access to high quality care and treatment in the world standards. The biggest benefit offered by Turkey is saving of money. Many procedures are 50% to 70% less costly than the same treatment in the EU.

Turkey is now one of the most popular destinations for medical tourists. Turkey’s hospitals offer the most advanced medical treatments and technology in the world today. In addition to being technologically advanced in medical infrastructure, health tourism in Turkey is in leading position with many advantages.

The main reasons for choosing Turkey as a medical destination are;

• JCI-accredited and well-equipped hospitals
• High quality of health services
• Competitive prices
• Hospitality and culture
• Geographical location
• Traditional, natural, historical, touristic attractions.