Can Tummy Tucks Improve Your Sex Life?


It’s real, the abdominoplasty will make your sex life better! And it’s not just that you look and feel more desirable with a flatter, tighter belly. An unintended benefit of a tummy tuck is that the angle of the vulva is changing by raising the skin of the pubic mound. So not only would you look better, but also you will feel better, too.

Subjective and objective variables were assessed in a pilot study conducted at the São Paulo School of Medicine in 2011. Physical changes in the distance of female anatomical parts were measured. The xiphoid process is the expansion of the cartilage at the lower end of the sternum, in the middle of the chest. The vulvar commission contains the area where the mons pubis enters the labia. But if the distance between these two anatomical features is reduced, the vulva would inevitably be pushed up a little higher. As a consequence, the clitoris is more vulnerable to abdominoplasty.

Two psychological methods were used to determine the emotional reactions of women. The Sexuality Assessment Scale was developed specifically for this study. The SAS consisted of 8 questions presented to the 19 women who participated in the analysis. Six months after surgery, all 19 women reported enhancing their sex lives and their body image. And how fascinating it is that this surprising consequence of a tummy tuck has some scientific evidence behind it now. But be mindful that women with sexual dysfunction have been omitted from the sample to achieve reliable findings and standardize the variables. A tummy tuck will not help pre-orgasmic women. This was a pilot study, meaning that it was the first study to look at this phenomenon; further research would be needed.

However, if you want a tummy tuck for the primary reasons for removing excess skin after weight loss or tighten abdominal muscles as part of a mommy makeover MAYCLINIK is the right place for you.



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