Reach Golden Ratio With Nose Job


When we talk about beauty, we are talking about perfection. However, perfection differs from one another. It is not like taking a photo of a celebrity and wishing to be like her or him anymore. The perfection belongs to your own body and it is all about balance, aesthetic and golden ratio. As the nose job is one of the keys to reach golden ratio, Let’s find out more about this subject.

What is Nose Job?

Nose job is a nose surgery that is known as rhinoplasty in plastic surgery. It aims to shape the nose so the face can have an ultimate proportion which will help you embrace your new look when you look in the mirror.

What is a Golden Ratio?

In order to find the best nose job shape that matches your face proportions, you need to calculate your Golden Ratio. You don’t have to look for the answer on the outside. Once you have the golden ratio, you can have the best results when it comes to your nose. This is a mathematical ratio of 1:1:618 that originates from Greek times. It represents the perfection of form, like flowers or objects in nature. When the golden ratio meets plastic surgery, you get the best version of yourself.

How To Calculate The Golden Ratio

The golden ratio is seen in nature, in art, in architecture and now in plastic surgery. If you take a line and divide it into two different segments, you will find that the ratio between the whole line and the longer part will be equal to the ratio between the longer part and the smaller part. This is the golden ratio and is represented by the letter phi in Greek. Phi, the golden ratio, is irrational and numerically equal to 1.618, which is surprising because the numbers continue indefinitely without repeating after the decimal point. 

How To Use The Golden Ratio To Determine Your Face Shape?

When we learn how to see objects with golden ratio perspective, then we can apply the same to our face. Simply, we can note the golden ratio as 1 to 1.618, so every length that we see on our face should be aligned with the ratio of 1 to 1.618. For example, Take a face in length and divide it in 2 by the width and see the total ratio, the optimal ratio should be 1.6. If you are looking at a celebrity or actress face, the most common ratio is 1.5 times the length to the width of the face. Give it a try and find the ratio of your face to 1.5 times the length to the width, Bingo you are attracted! If not, don’t panic, there are many modern options for reshaping your face with the golden ratio. Of course, always consult your doctor before deciding on any changes to your body.

Attaining The Golden Ratio With a Nose Job

There are some methods to determine the nose’s golden ratio. Today, new modern technology offers 3-D computer modeling for your face and allows you to have an Idea about the ideal nose job. The Golden Phi mask is also very popular, as there are many applications that help you to see and find out the proportions of your face. The Medical part is to show an optimal result after the nose job. Visual models are always helpful in making a decision about nose jobs. The calculation of the golden ratio for a rhinoplasty includes the ratio of the nose length to the whole face. In other words, the length of the nose should be equal to ⅓ of the face. There are also other metrics for the nose width compared to the lips and cheeks in relation to the face. So not only the proportion itself but also the harmony of the whole face is important. It is a holistic and integrated beauty that you have, so take care of yourself in the best way possible. 



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