What Is Nose Aesthetics?


Nose aesthetics is known for people; however the technical term is rhinoplasty and it is kind  of a surgery on the nose. It is also called nose job. 

Nose job is well-known among people, however the technical term is rhinoplasty and it is a type of nose surgery called “nose job“.

Nose Aesthetic

Nose aesthetic surgery is a plastic surgery that consists of changing or improving the shape of the nose. It can be performed after an injury or cosmetic purposes. Aesthetic purposes include reshaping the nose tip, smoothing the bridge, making smaller or some beauty touches.

What Age Range Is Nose Aesthetics Performed?

Nowadays, the time we spend on screens is increasing. We see ourselves on video conferences or on photos more often and our concerns about beauty are becoming much more important. If you have some concerns about your nose then you are always considering nose aesthetics at some stage of your life. But the critical question is when will you have the courage to do such an aesthetic operation. The question is: is there any age range to get a nose job? The answer is yes. Especially in younger ages we are more addicted to our beauty or concerned about our appearance. However, like other limitations for young people, there are aesthetical limitations too. It is not advised to have nose aesthetics for teenagers around 15 years. The nose shape is to be settled and only after the final settlement the procedure should be performed. Also psychologically, you should be ready for such an operation. For teenagers, it would be an early or indecisive period to have plastic surgery. In general the common opinion for rhinoplasty will be from 17 for women and 18 for men. Before this age, growth is ongoing and the facial proportions and nasal implant are not yet completed, therefore the result may not be satisfactory. However, if you have breathing difficulties or health problems, the procedure should not be assessed in a cosmetic context but rather in a health context. The upper limit for nose aesthetics has no restrictions, thus, the optimal age range is between 25 and 29 years.  The decision for plastic surgery is always related to emotional and psychological maturity.

Is This Surgery Suitable For Anyone?

First of all, this is a surgical procedure, and aside from medical treatment, it is a nose reshaping and a whole new look for your facial outline. Fixation can be more costly and painful, and it can be worse than you expected, so there are significant decisions and risks involved. You should wait until your growth is stabilized. Your healthy lifestyle is also important. As with so many health risks, smoking is also an aesthetic risk for this procedure. Quitting smoking and living a positive lifestyle are the keys before undertaking any surgery. The decision is yours, but not the opinions or criticisms of others. Thus, an ideal candidate for nose surgery should be evaluated based on several dynamics, with mental support, etc.  

Does Nose Aesthetics Solve Breathing Problems?

Nose aesthetics can be considered in cases of breathing problems. In such cases, rhinoplasty is performed. The purpose of the procedure must be well thought out because there may be a risk that you will have breathing problems after an aesthetic procedure. However, if you decide with the surgeon the purpose of nose aesthetics, you will have the best of results. To improve airflow, surgeons straighten the nasal septum, which is also called septoplasty. In this case, you can solve breathing problems with a nose job. Nose aesthetics means reduction or enlargement of the nose, reshaping of the tip of the nose that also affects the position of the lips or other nasal functions that eliminate breathing problems related to sinusitis, nasal disease or nasal polyps.

Will The Nose Regain Its Shape Over Time?

Our bodies and brains are magical. Not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a recovery and healing point of view. When you have a scar, it heals itself, when you break a bone, it heals itself after a while. We can assume that the operated parts of our body will return to their original form, but this is different. Natural healing is our magic, but surgical operations are different. Once the growth is completed for your body, the changes on the body will not be visible. Nose surgeries remain stable. However, it becomes so sensitive that any dangerous blow or movement can affect the nose. After the surgery, it is recommended to avoid heavy exercises, jumping, big mimics like laughing and wearing glasses for pressure. It is necessary to be gentle until the shape of the nose recovers well.



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