What Are Frown Lines?

The line formed between the eyebrows resulting from frowning is a problem that many people are uncomfortable with. It can become evident from an early age. Especially in people with oily and thick skin, that line becomes more pronounced at an early age. Even if they don’t have an angry face.

What Causes Frown Lines?

In fact, it’s not just the frown. It’s a line caused by frowning too much while expressing something serious when talking for some other reason. For example, it is a mimic feature that we see a lot in teachers. Especially on sunny days, mimicking around the eyes narrows the eyes, causing the line between the eyebrows to deepen over time. It will be beneficial to start anti-wrinkle creams very early. The deepening of the line can be prevented by reducing the unnecessary frowning before this line gets deeper. In addition, using sunscreen cream and sunglasses, especially on sunny days, will reduce mimics between the eyebrows. By controlling the mimic status of the person who complains about the line between the eyebrows, early face aesthetics application can be started from 20. If the person frowns too much, it is helpful to start face aeshetics at that age if the line becomes apparent. After the face aesthetics application is made every six months, the frown will be negative in the long run. The line will no longer deepen. But mostly, people apply to us after the line is formed or even deepened.

Deep Plane Facelift Surgery

Deep Plane Facelift is a treatment for those who would like to get rid of frown lines. This surgery is one of the most popular ways for frown lines to get away. The deep plane facelift is a procedure that involves lifting the facial muscles and fascia layer to restore the appearance of the upper, mid-face, and jowls. It does so without stretching the skin. If you have sagging skin or your facial features make you look angry all the time, then you can consider Deep Plane Facelift surgery. This operation is the most effective way to restore your mid face and creases from nose to the mouth. The reason is that the process lifts and repositions the fat pads in your cheeks and restores the cheekbone area’s shape.

What are Smile Lines?

Smile lines, sometimes laugh lines, are the types of wrinkles that develop primarily at the corners of your mouth. They are more prominent when smiling. Sometimes smile lines can form around your eyes. As we age, these types of wrinkles can become inevitable. However, you have many options to help you get rid of them.

What Causes Smile Lines?

  • Loss of elasticity (collagen)
  • Dried skin,
  • Genetic,
  • Cigarette,
  • Sun damage.

How To Get Rid of Smile Lines? (mid-face lift surgery)

Some of the causes of a laugh line can be curbed with good lifestyle habits as a young adult. You can wear sunscreen every day to prevent wrinkles from sun damage. Regardless of whether you already have smile lines, keeping your skin hydrated also goes long. Make sure you drink enough water every day and avoid too much caffeine or alcohol. Wash your face daily and use a moisturiser adapted to your skin type. Check out these tips that will transform your anti-ageing process. Exercising and a plant-based diet can also help keep skin in good condition. If you were in need of a reason to quit smoking, we know that kicking this habit can help prevent future wrinkles, including smile lines. If you want to give up during tough times, these apps can help. When it comes to smiling lines, there are several treatment options. Whether you seek surgical options or other Cosmetic surgeries , it is best to speak with a dermatologist (skin specialist) or plastic surgeon who is knowledgeable and experienced in treating wrinkles.

Mid-face Lift Surgery

A mid facelift surgery is the process that can tighten and tone down one’s cheek bones. It smooths laugh lines and improves overall appearance. However, it doesn’t target the forehead or chin area like a full facelift. A mid-facelift is carried out by an expert who makes two small incisions near the hairline. They then tightens the muscles and removes fat pads under the skin. For those who would like to look more youthful, a mid-facelift can be an excellent choice. As the skin ages, it loses its ability to snap back into place, which can cause it to sag. It also loses its structures beneath it, such as ligaments and fat. A mid-facelift uses the muscles behind the skin to lift it and make it look more firm. It also repositions fat pads under the eyes to improve their appearance. The procedure is mainly performed on the upper part of the mouth, between the corners of the eyes, and under the cheek bones. The risks and side effects can be listed like: bruising, infection, pain in the area, scarring in the mid face surgery. Full recovery from a mid-facelift can take several months. After the surgery try to stay away from physical activities and exercising for a couple of weeks.



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