The Components Of A Beautiful Smile


The natural big smile makes anyone’s heart warmer, so a beautiful smile can change your mood and point out the eyes on you. But what makes the smile beautiful? Smile has not one component but several elements that work together. In other words, there are 6 components of a beautiful smile according to technical explanation. Briefly, the following elements make a good picture of a beautiful smile.

  • The size of the teeth
  • Color of the teeth
  • No missing teeth
  • Healthy and not broken teeth
  • The proposition and alignment
  • The form and height of the gum line

What Is A Smile Design?

If you want to change your smile and have one or more elements that do not match your desire, you can think about smile design. With the help of modern technology, the digital smile design is also improved. 3D modeling and computer aided simulation can provide the best result of dental aesthetics. In this way your dentist can plan and improve your smile. Smile design procedures can take several operations depending on your needs. For a beautiful smile, always consult your dentist.

What Determines A Beautiful Smile?

Let’s have a look at the components for a beautiful smile.

Tooth size: At a glance tooth size is important. Your teeth ratio should fit your mouth. So small or so big teeth make the smile irregular and can not be natural. Teeth shape can be fixed by using braces. There are clear and transparent braces available nowadays as well. The form of the mouth is also related to the teeth. It has an impact on the visibility of the teeth.

Color of the teeth: The natural color of the teeth can be more pale and the whiter teeth the happier you are and more confident with your smile. Smoking, drinking coffee and not caring of the mouth health may affect the color and directly your character of smile. There are whitener and bleaching products, however it can be used wrongly and lead to more damage on the teeth. The procedures of dentists are more trustworthy and have better results.

No missing teeth: Teeth health is a life long care and if you were a nauthy kid in your childhood or did not take enough minerals and vitamins, this may result in tooth loss. Smile design provides you a complete and powerful appearance with several dental operations.

Healthy and not broken teeth: You are what you eat is real and the healthier you eat the healthier your teeth are. If you use your teeth as a bottle opener or with no sensitive care your teeth become unhealthy and easily cracked and broken. If you have broken teeth then other teeth can make their own way and put pressure on. As a result you will be uncomfortable when you smile.

The proposition and alignment: This is how you see the Hollywood stars in movies with proper shiny teeth in alignment. This is a complete mouth, teeth and face golden ratio that your lips are smooth and aligned, your teeth are fit to your mouth and all your teeth are properly seen healthy, shiny and attractive. It can be genetic or worth it to have a smile design like Hollywood stars smile. The teeth should be close to each other not to press each other or no space between them makes a complete alignment.

The form and height of the gum line: The way you smile completes your reflection, attitude and character. If your gum line is seen when you smile, you may be uncomfortable. The form and height of the gum line is one reason for the smile design. If you do not want to be seen on the gum line, then you would not prefer to smile and it affects all your attitude and reaction to anything. The form of the lips to the gum line may need serial procedures of dental aesthetics.

How Do I Fix My Gummy Smile?

If you hate smiling because it looks more gummy than smiling, here we go! You are embarrassed to smile and look for a dental aesthetic solution. You can fix your smile, even if you have a gummy smile. There are some ways to fix it but first the dentist should detect the reason why you have a gummy problem. Most commonly the gummy tissue may cover the teeth more than usual. In this case the excessive gummy tissue can be removed on the teeth and teeth can be more visible and you may get rid of the gummy smile.

Another reason may be your lips get higher than the gum line. Even if everything is normal, if the muscles are so active and strong this may happen, then lip repositioning surgery can be applied. Recently, depending on the structure of the lip is used as well to fix gummy lines. Always consult the orthodontist about each way of gummy line fixing procedures and welcome your natural look and smile before anything is late.



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