How Long Does It Take to See Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve?

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The reason people get gastric sleeve surgery or bariatric surgery is to help them shed weight when all other conventional methods fail. In fact, there has been a sudden increase in the popularity of this procedure due to the rising levels of obesity among people. 

Gastric sleeve surgery time and time again has proven to be highly effective in helping many reach a healthy body weight. And, compared to the more conventional weight loss methods, gastric sleeve surgery is a much quicker way for patients to reach a healthy BMI.

When the patients find out the estimate of the weight loss time after their surgery, they will have a better understanding of the post-op results. 

When Do You Notice Weight Loss?

Gastric sleeve surgery results in one’s stomach being made smaller in size to hold less food. This results in making the patient feel satisfied much faster than before the surgery. This proves essential in preventing the patient’s overeating and helping with weight loss. 

The main thing to remember is that every patient has their own journey of healing and weight loss after the surgery. However, there is a weight loss timeline to help track this progress. 

Find out the Estimated Weight Loss Timeline

So, how long does it take to notice weight loss? Actually, patients start to experience weight loss almost immediately after their surgery since they have to follow a strict diet. 

And if you are wondering, “Where do you notice weight loss first?”  You can expect to notice drastic weight loss in your first 3 months post-op. 

Once the first six months pass, the weight loss isn’t as fast, but during these six months, patients shed about 30-40% of their excess weight. 

After half a year, you can expect the speed of your weight loss to decrease. Moreover, one-year post-op, you should lose about 65-75% of your extra weight and become super close to your final weight loss goal. At this point, the patient’s quality of life is enhanced due to their improved health. 

By the 18-month mark, the expected weight loss for a patient is anywhere between 60% and 70% of their excess weight.

How You Can Keep the Weight Off 

Once you have seen your desired results after the surgery, the only way to keep all the weight off is to diligently follow the dietary instructions provided to you by your doctor post-surgery. Adhering to healthy choices, following a workout routine, and steering clear of your previous unhealthy habits will keep your newly achieved healthy weight protected.

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