Hair Cut After Hair Transplantation In Turkey


You must have discussed your hair loss experience with your barber. Also, as your hair loss worsens, your barber can recommend different cuts to give you the best look for the hair you still have. The majority of our patients express disappointment with their barber encounters following hair loss. Fortunately, hair transplantation can help with such issues. When you get your hair back after the hair transplant, you will go back to your old haircut routine. It will look exactly like the haircuts you had before you started losing your hair. We’ve also noticed that our hair transplant patients can’t wait to have their first haircut so they can have a long-term hairstyle. When Can I Get a Haircut After Hair Transplant? is one of the most commonly asked questions about hair transplant procedures.

Assume you’ve recently had a hair transplant. The term “hair transplant aftercare” will be used often. It’s because, to get the best results, you’ll need to be extra cautious for a while and obey the aftercare directions to the letter. So, before getting a haircut, keep in mind that even washing your hair should be done with care. Your scalp will need special care due to the time it takes for grafts to completely settle. The transplanted follicles would be in a comfortable location and seal themselves with the skin after around 10 days. It is preferable to wait until they are fully sealed, and the scalp is free of scabbing, scarring, and redness.

You must wash your hair with your special shampoo for the first month, and you must be careful with your scalp. After the shower, there was no hairdryer, just a towel with gentle motions. If you want to learn more about hair wash, check out our article: What Is the Best Way to Wash Your Hair After a Hair Transplant?  After a while, you’ll notice that the hair you already have before the hair transplant starts to grow, and the normal hair grows at a faster rate than the transplanted hair. You can have a haircut if you don’t like the way your hair looks because of the difference in growth speed, but only for the donor hair, not the transplanted hair. It’s also a good idea to wait at least three weeks before getting a haircut.

After the second month, your transplanted hair will begin to grow, but it will be much thinner than the rest of your hair. They will fall for the last time in a short time. This is known as Shock Hair Loss, and new hair will fall out and grow back with more consistency and thickness, much like baby teeth. The new hair will be impervious to hair loss and will last indefinitely. After you’ve grown back your thick hair following the shock hair loss, you can get a haircut, but only with scissors for a while.

As previously said, the transplanted grafts are extremely fragile at first. Getting a haircut with a shaving machine, even after it’s been sealed and secured, may damage the transplanted hair follicles because it doesn’t function like scissors. Scissors can cut hair from a distance, while a shaving machine must be used close to the skin.

Another popular question asked by many patients after hair transplantation is coloring hair. The answer is: Yes! You need to use certain chemicals to dye your hair and they may harm the skin of your scalp in the first weeks of your hair transplant. It is because after the hair transplant procedure the skin on your scalp will be much more sensitive.

If you are considering a hair transplantation operation in Turkey, consult the right doctor with the appropriate expertise in the operation. To get more information please contact us and let’s decide what is best for you. MAYCLINIK family always here to help.



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