Get Rid Of Your Fats And Have Plumped Butt With BBL


In Brazilian Butt Lift surgery (BBL), the fat, which is taken from the belly, buttocks, waist, and back with a liposuction procedure, is purified by a variety of processes and injected as micro-droplets into layers of varying depth as needed in the butt region. The fats taken from these areas are transferring to the butts. In that way, the person gets rid of extra fats and has a bigger and good shaped butt at the same time.

The most important thing in this operation is the surgeon’s experience in transferring a large amount of fat. In general, the same amount of fat is transferred to both sides of the butt and gives a symmetrical appearance. It is necessary to be careful about applying techniques for fat removal, fat isolation, and re-injection to increase the amount of fat graft and to avoid the formation of nodules and fluid cysts. When we consider that some of the fat will disappear after a period of time, it is better to transfer more fat from the required amount and the surgeon should arrange that carefully. At this point, an experienced surgeon is really important once again.

Another advantage of this method, which helps reshape the body, especially the part between the waist and the hip area, is that the fat injected into the butt area is long-lasting and safe, since it is the person’s own tissue.

The fat is taken from the body with liposuction and transferring to the butt for a more lifted appearance. This operation does not need to stitch and for this reason, there will be no scar too. That is why you don’t need to be concerned about the scar over your butt area.



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