Cosmetic Surgery And Tattoo

As technology plays an important role in our daily lives, it is inevitable that we are on one of the social media platforms. If you are on one of these platforms, you have probably seen many times how much people love to show their beauty! Even though cosmetic surgery is not new, we don’t see people who have undergone cosmetic surgery only on TV shows anymore, but also in our social media feeds. Especially in recent years, people’s interest in cosmetic surgery has increased to keep up with popular culture. Liposuction is the main actor of these surgical procedures that enhance beauty. Another thing that never gets old is tattoos. Tattoos have always been popular and are used for artistic self-expression on the body. They also provide a classy look that makes you unexampled among others.

So the question is what if you want to have both? You may need one or several cosmetic surgeries along with tattoos; What are the costs involved? What should you know before you decide ? If you are planning to get a tattoo or about to have cosmetic surgery, or you already have one and desire the other, there are some important points you should know beforehand.

Will My Tattoo Affect My Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction surgery is a surgical procedure that functions as a removal of fat from various areas of the body. Since it is a surgical procedure just as a brain surgery, risk is always on the table. Actually, your tattoo does not directly affect your liposuction surgerybecause it is against the goal of liposuction-unless the area on your body is the same. 

I am Getting A Tattoo, How Long Should I Wait Before Having A Liposuction?

A tattoo is one of the best ways to express yourself, and it is very popular. Although there is no correct answer for everyone, here’s one. If you are newly tattooed and cannot wait for your next liposuction surgery, you may want to wait within 3 to 6 weeks to avoid any kind of infection risks from the ink. Just in case, it is best for you to consult your surgeon

Can I Have a Tattoo After Cosmetic Surgery?

The question here is, why not? Although there is always a risk of infection, it is better to wait until your scar is fully healed – depending on the scar, it may take 4 to 6 weeks. And if the tattoo you want to get is not near a scar that has not healed yet, that’s not a problem either!

Will Liposuction Damage My Tattoo?

In theory, the two are considered as different procedures that make permanent changes on the body, and they should not affect each other, even though they are both done primarily under the skin-but in different layers of the skin. That is, the tattoo artist applies the ink in the deep dermis, while liposuction is even far below it. Just like tattoos, liposuction also can be performed on different parts of your body. But keep in mind that it is also possible for liposuction to leave a scar inside or near the tattoo. Still, some people desire a tattoo to hide their liposuction scars. 

However, with surgery, there is always the possibility of complications. In this case, if you cannot find a relatively careful and experienced plastic surgeon, it’s better to get liposuction and tattooing in different parts of your body rather than the same place. A small but very important reminder is that you should ask your surgeon beforehand unless you do not want to face any complications or risks.



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