Breast Lift After Weight Loss


You probably dreamed of a flatter belly when you lost the weight. What you didn’t know was that you would get flatter breasts, too. If you’ve lost breast volume or you’ve developed sagging after losing weight, come and see us. A breast lift (mastopexy) could be just what you need to return your breasts to fullness and perk. You worked hard to lose weight and deserve to love your body.

Why Does Breast Shrink After Losing Weight?

Breasts consist mostly of glandular tissue and fatty tissue. When you lose weight, the amount of fatty tissue can decrease, resulting in smaller breast size. This shift is small in some women due to a higher proportion of glandular tissue. In other women, these changes can be significant, leading to a visible difference in the size, shape, and appearance of the breasts.

Will weight loss affect your breasts? It is hard to tell as results vary widely from woman to woman. If you’ve lost or gained breast tissue in the past from weight loss/gain, odds are it will happen again.

Do I Need Breast Lift?

If you have a sagging breast, you probably need a breast lift. Here are a few signs that you may need a lift;

  • Downward pointing nipples
  • Nipple/areola below the breast crease

A breast lift does not change breast size. If you’re pleased with your size when you’re wearing a bra, but want to reshape your breasts, this procedure is probably a good fit. You can need to add breast enlargement if you want to increase the size. These two surgeries may be combined to improve the form of the breast, remove sagging, and increase the size with only one operation.

Am I Ready for My Breast Lift After Weight Loss?

Timing is critical if you think about breast lift after weight loss. Schedule your appointment and we’re going to help you decide if the time is right. The following questions can help you decide:

  • Are You at a Stable Weight? – If your breasts increase/decrease in size as your weight fluctuates, they are likely to continue to do so throughout your life. If your bra It’s a safe idea to wait for your breast lift until you get a stable weight. Losing and gaining weight can undo your breast lift results.
  • Have You Hit Your Goal Weight? – Wait until you’re at or close to your target weight before planning your surgery. We know it can be hard to lose the final pounds, but you’ll be happy you’ve been waiting for your breast lift results to last longer.
  • Are You Planning Future Pregnancies? -Pregnancy can dramatically change the breasts. Wait for your breast lift to be scheduled until you’ve done bearing children. Future pregnancies can cause sagging to reoccur. Breastfeeding is often more difficult, and often impossible, after breastfeeding. If sagging breasts prevent you from really loving your weight loss performance, come and see us.


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