Almond Eye Aesthetics


Almond Eye Aesthetics:

Almond eye aesthetics is preferring by especially women in order to have bigger eye look by pulling the eye slightly upwards and to provide a deeper expression to the eyes. The main job in almond eye operation is to change the slope of the eyelids a bit. For this, the joint of the caps on the ear side is taken one or two millimeters from the position. In the normal anatomy, the joints of the caps on the ear side are 1-2 mm above the junction in the nose. This, in addition to the appearance, also affects the pump function in tear discharge. The important point here is the variables such as genetic difference, race, age, and family facial structure.

How is the recovery time?

It can perform with local or general anesthesia. One night must be in the hospital and patient who wants to Almond Eye Surgery can go back to normal life and work after one week.

Who can have almond eye?

  • The patient should not have a problem preventing any surgery
  • There is no intensive anesthesia use, but anesthesia drugs are given while the region is anesthetized. The patient should not have an allergy to these drugs.
  • The eye structure likely to be formed after the operation should be able to adapt to the patient’s facial structure.
  • The patient must be older than eighteen. There is no upper age limit, but as the age increases, the number of combined methods to be applied with almond eye aesthetic surgery also increases.

What does the package includes?

  • Accommodation ( this is the recommended time by the doctor for recovery and check-up, 1 or 2 nights will be in the hospital)
  • VIP transfers ( we will be taking you from airport to hotel and then hospital and back to your hotel and to doctor’s clinic and then back to airport so on.)
  • Your personal translator
  • All preoperative assessments (blood tests,chest xray if needed)
  • All hospital fees
  • Follow up check up after the operation by the doctor after the operation


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