A Coin with Both Sides: Gastric Sleeve Surgery

gastric sleeve surgery

In today’s world, people live more fast-moving lives and are always on the go. Many don’t pay too much attention to their diet, and access to processed foods is easier than nutrition foods. This easily leads to people gaining weight and becoming obese. And with obesity comes the risk of many more health risks, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

When obesity reaches a severe stage and all else fails, gastric sleeve surgery is considered an effective procedure to assist in long-term weight loss. However, gastric sleeve surgery comes with risks.

If you are thinking of getting this surgery, keep reading this blog to better understand this surgery and also find out some gastric sleeve horror stories

The Other Side of the Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery, or bariatric surgery, is the surgical process of reducing the size of the stomach by taking away ⅔ of one’s stomach. Once the surgery is finished, the patient will consume less food, making it the best option for those who have tried every weight loss method and failed.

Since the stomach is made into a tube-like sleeve, it enables patients to take in fewer calories to keep excess weight off.

As all surgeries have some risks, there might be some risks before and after the gastric sleeve surgery. However, when considered in detail, the advantages of the procedure outweigh the risks. First of all, to reduce risks you should choose a qualified surgeon and renowned facility. At that point, Mayclinik acts by ensuring patient safety and satisfaction. With the qualified staff of Mayclinik and your meticulous post-operative care, your process will be as smooth as possible. 

Usually, the issues stem from pre-existing conditions or post-operative care lapses. Therefore, it is important to inform your practitioner about your medical background beforehand (allergies, addictions, medications, previous operations etc.) so that he can specify the protocol according to your needs. Please note that gastric sleeve surgery isn’t a solution for addictions. If you have addiction problems, you should let your doctor know about those. Generally it’s better to solve those problems before the operation. After the surgery, you should also take care of yourself well. What your surgeon says is of utmost importance. You should get enough nutritions so that you won’t experience malnutrition after gastric sleeve surgery.

Basically, the process of determining the surgeon and facility is of utmost importance. While doing that, you can benefit from the reviews of the previous patients. Mayclinik is among one of the best choices with its long-lasting successes and qualified staff. Being clear to your surgeon is another thing that you should have in your mind. This will help you to avoid unexpected risks during the process. The last thing that you should do is to obey what your surgeon says after the surgery. This will eliminate the complications which might arise after the surgery.

The Truth About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The truth about this procedure is that it is highly effective in helping individuals shed large amounts of weight in a short period. It can prove to be effective in keeping the weight off in the long run as well. Moreover, sticking to the doctor’s instructions for post-operative care can also speed up the patient’s recovery. Choosing a renowned hospital with accredited medical professionals is key. Mayclinik is one of Turkey’s most prominent names in health tourism and provides accomplished surgeons with multi-lingual staff to meet your every need.



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