4 Questions You Should Ask At Your Plastic Surgery Consultation


It can be very exciting to decide to undergo a plastic surgery operation, but it is also a big responsibility; you certainly don’t want a botched plastic surgery. When it comes to your health and safety, it is not possible to understate the value of understanding how to choose a good plastic surgeon. Picking a plastic surgeon that you know is qualified often starts at the consultation. Consultations are your chance to ask questions and to ensure that your experience with plastic surgery follows high quality and safety requirements. It’s your first meeting with your prospective surgeon, so this is also a perfect time to determine how relaxed they make you feel. Make sure you ask these questions at every plastic surgery consultation.

  1. Does he/she have board-certification?

 It is a big priority to know whether the plastic surgeon that you are considering is board-certified or not. Being certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is important because, technically, any doctor (from a psychiatrist to a general surgeon) is legally permitted to perform plastic surgery. Board Certification requires general surgeons to attend plastic surgery training for a period of 2 to 3 years and to take written and oral examinations. This is why it may feel you comfortable if you are having an operation with a Board-Certified surgeon.

  1. Will my procedure be performed at an accredited hospital?

You never want to have your surgery done in an area that is unqualified for your treatment. This issue is really important to care for. To be accredited, MAYCLINIK has hospitals with surgical rooms to meet stringent requirements for equipment, staff, and room safety. Make sure that the plastic surgeon can show proof that their operating site is accredited. You may also want to look out for practices that offer bargain prices or bundle offers for getting multiple surgical procedures at once. After procedure costs, a super low-price tag does not include and may represent the low quality or an accredited facility.

  1. How often has he/she performed the procedure?

Knowing how practiced the surgeon is will help you find out how comfortable you are with having them do it on you in terms of the procedure you plan to have. You may also ask similar questions, such as whether you can see pictures of your patients who have undergone the same treatment you like, before and after. To make sure he or she has a strong record, you can also inquire if you can speak to any previous patients or study the surgeon online.

  1. Does he/she have any hospital privileges?

 While many plastic surgeons have their practice or work from private practice, some of them also work in hospitals. Physicians must first undergo stringent background tests to work in a hospital before being given the privilege of working there. If the plastic surgeon you’re considering already works at a reputable hospital, then you can trust them as a plastic surgeon.



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