Hair transplant procedure is one of the most preferred operations in Turkey for many reasons. Thanks to the new technology and developments, hair transplantation has become a more affordable and convenient procedure. There are many methods to have your hair back and have a younger look. We are sure that you have heard of these methods, but it would be useful to have a look at them one by one and determine the best method of hair transplantation.

FUE Method 

Follicular Unit extraction is one of the methods for hair transplantation. It means to relocate the hair from a donor area to another. It is the basis of hair transplantation operations. It is a method where each hair is taken individually and replanted to the bald area again individually. In this way, there will be no scars on the head and the recovery process is shortened. The procedure is done through local anesthesia and it gives a chance to take the hair follicles from different areas so that the surgeon can analyze and pick the thicker hair follicle accordingly and replant the hair on the necessary area. As a result your hair will grow naturally as the hair has no comprehension of moving somewhere. It acts in its own habitat on the head. 

The advantage of the FUE method is that it is the most common method for the surgeons, giving a natural look for the head. The method has a smooth recovery process and less pain. It has no scars, so that you can continue your daily life easily. It offers an easy procedure that after 1 session of FUE transplant around 6000-6500 hair follicles can be transplanted. And since there is no need for any suture, the post operation time is relatively short. However, the routine control of a doctor for hair transplantation is advised for caring for yourself. 

Sapphire Percutaneous Method 

Sapphire Percutaneous is the latest method used in hair transplant operations. It is a permanent solution for hair loss and the reduction of the partial type. The method takes its name from the substance used in the procedure of the sapphire.  Sapphire crystal prevents the harm on the skin and provides less pain and gives a rapid recovery process after the operation. You may know the difference between Sapphire and FUE technique; let’s have a look at the procedures.

The Sapphire Percutaneous method is almost similar to FUE technique. However, the devices used are sapphire, so that you have a more successful and painless result from the hair transplant operation. Compared to the traditional FUE method, the slides are sapphire and sharp; it enables the hair to transfer frequently and the sapphire offers antibacterial operation rather than metal heads. Relatively, the Sapphire method procedure helps a faster recovery than FUE Method.

DHI Method

DHI method means Direct Hair Implantation. It’s a recent technique served by the company Global Medical Group DHI. It is an effective method and may be counted as one step forward of FUE technique hair transplant. It allows the surgeon to remove and plant the hair follicles at the same time. In the FUE method surgeons take the hairs from the donor area and collect them according to your need. However in the DHI method the incisions and hair placement can be done parallel to each other. It saves time and provides efficiency in hair transplantation procedures. 

Which Method Is The Best And Why?

For hair transplantation all of the methods either FUE, Sapphire or DHI technique can be efficient depending on your needs. FUE is the most common method. You can easily find it and it is performed by every surgeon. The Sapphire Percutaneous method is preferred if you want a faster and painless procedure. Also ıt is a recent technique that may have more efficient results compared to other methods. 

The DHI method provides the most natural look. If you have similar thick hair then, the result will be much better. However it takes a longer time to perform. Whatever the method you choose, whether the FUE, sapphire or DHI you should consult your doctor for more details and decide together which method is best for you according to your skin, hair type and your tolerance to such operations.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]