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Tummy Tuck in turkey (commonly called abdominoplasty) is a surgical operation that removes wrinkles from the belly and waist areas by dissolving the fat under the skin and then raising the muscles of the belly, depending on the current techniques used in a tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck is one of the most popular plastic surgery in Turkey for people who comes from abroad. The very first reason for this is surgeons in Turkey are highly experienced and professional in plastic surgeries. There two types of tummy tuck in Turkey;

  • Mini tummy tuck also is known as mini-abdominoplasty is done by people who have a small amount of fat and saggy skin over the abdominal area.
  • Full tummy tuck also known as full abdominoplasty and it is performing if there is too much fat or saggy skin over the abdominal area including waists.

Both of the operations are performing under general anesthesia and the operation takes around 3-4 hours depends on the patient’s situation. Most of the patients are staying at the hospital for 2 nights after the operation. However, it can be 1 night according to patient and doctor’s opinion with mini tummy tuck.

Turkey has the cheapest prices when we compare it with other countries such as European countries. When this factor combines with the quality, there wouldn’t be any surprise why Turkey has chosen for plastic surgery and this is another reason why Tummy Tuck in Turkey is popular. That is why many people from the world are preferring Turkey for Tummy Tuck and other plastic surgeries. Besides Tummy Tuck is cheaper and qualified in Turkey, there are some advantages and disadvantages of it.

The Advantages of Tummy Tuck:

  1. The patient will have a shaper, slimmer, and lifted body.
  2. The operation will be performing by the most qualified surgeons of plastic surgery.
  3. While having a better body, spending less money. Turkey is cheaper than most of the European countries and reaching beauty is cheaper here.
  4. The tummy tuck surgery is carried out at the most qualified medical centers, which has been approved by an international committee (ICRC).
  5. The patient will get the best treatment and a high level of medical facilities before getting the results.

The Disadvantage of Tummy Tuck:

  1. The tummy tuck is a painful operation, but this can be solved with medication given by the doctor.
  2. Rarely there can be bleeding after tummy tuck, but it lasts for 24 only.
  3. A complication of anesthesia can be happening as much as other surgeries.
  4. A blood clot can be happening rarely, and numbness can be seen for several months. Also, the infection might have occurred if aftercare won’t be done properly.
  5. The procedure of tummy tuck needs an extended period of recovery, and he must follow up with the medical center for up to a week that is not easy from a different country.