Social  media and the competition  in the business  world create an increasing  demand in plastic surgery. A man who is conservative in changing his clothes, hairstyle, shaving style, who does   not   much   prefer   a   change,   can   act   quite   boldly, contrary   to   what   is   expected   in operations that he thinks will provide a him with a  better physical appearance.  

Why do men turn to plastic surgeons? After all, men also benefit from the technologies that have developed in aesthetic operation in the twenty-first century. Laser hair removal can get rid of excess hair on the back, chest and face. More successful results are obtained in hair October with the micromotor FUE method than with the FUT method. Men can also resort to liposuction   to   get   rid   of   their   excess   fat,   especially   in   the   navel   area.  In the summer, the application of underarm is one of the procedures to be applied to prevent sweating. We can see that self-confidence can be gained quickly after gynecomastia surgery, which can be a serious psychological problem for a man. The   most   preferred   aesthetic   operations   by   men  in   2022;   rhinoplasty,   liposuction,   tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty), facelift, eyelid operation and neck lifting.


Although rhinoplasty surgery is considered to be the most common plastic operation applied by women, the most commonly performed plastic operation for men is rhinoplasty surgery. This surgery  is very important for both sexes, and a feminine result in a man and a masculine result in a woman should be avoided. The male nose has thicker skin than the female. Bone and cartilage structures are thicker. In men, the nose is a prominent structure on the face, while in women it is an undesirable structure to be prominent.  The aesthetics of the nose in men should be masculine, absolutely not distort the structure of the mask, not soften the expression and be natural.


Liposuction is the second most common aesthetic operation after nose operations in men. The place where the most intense lubrication is found in the male body is the navel and its surroundings. The area around the belly button, waist circumference and abdomen are the most common areas where liposuction is performed in men. Before performing liposuction, which is used for fat removal in men, it is decided how much fat will be removed from which area. A preliminary examination by a specialist doctor prepares a Liposuction surgery outline that best suits your body shape. 

Liposuction operation is performed under general anaesthesia.   The return to   life after the operation   lasts   between   10   and   15   days.   A   return   to   routine   life   can   be   achieved   if   the recovery process is followed and completed after looking at the recovery parameters at the end of the fourth week. It is important for male patients to organise their daily and work lives before having liposuction and to create a program so that the period after the operation is comfortable, effective and short.

Eyelid Surgery 

Eyelid   Surgery   gives   a   person   a   feeling   of   discomfort   with   a   feeling   of   heaviness   and narrowing   of   the   visual   field.   There   may   also   be   problems   with   eye   movements.   Excess tissue   on   the   eyelids   is   removed   surgically.   Thanks   to   the   aesthetic   suture,   it   can   heal without a trace. Patients can return to their old lives in a few days.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) 

A disproportionate amount of fat and excess skin tissue are removed from the middle and lower   abdomen   during   a   procedure   known   as   an   abdominoplasty.   Tummy tuck   is   not   an   obesity treatment, and it can improve the appearance of the belly and abdomen by removing these objects. However, the scar from the operation will remain for a long time.  Abdominoplasty is at least as popular in men as in women in 2022.


If you want to refresh and rejuvenate your face or even stop time, facelift surgery may be suitable for you. In facelift operation, not only the face area but also the sagging of the face and neck skin and even the lubrication under the chin,  if any, can be eliminated and the whole face can be done within the planning of regeneration and revitalization.

Neck Lifting

The neck area is one of the areas where signs of ageing are first felt, such as the face. In addition, although it is at a young age, we can observe neck sagging that develops due to genetic reasons or due to weight gain and loss. Decelerated, deflated balloon image, excess adipose   tissue,  muscle  structure  that   has  succumbed  to gravity,  deformities  called   turkey neck and pronounced tickling structure are among the main topics of neck lift operations.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]