Who Can Have Breast Enlargement Surgery?

If you want to have a better appearance in the mirror and get rid of your cosmetic concerns with having a larger breast, you can consider having breast enlargement surgery. Whether you are a possible candidate for breast enlargement surgery, before discussing with friends or those who have done it before you, you should consult an experienced surgeon.

What is Breast Enlargement?

The procedure of breast enlargement is to make an improvement of the breast form and size. With the help of breast enlargement, the breast gets bigger. The technical term for breast enlargement is also known as augmentation mammoplasty or more commonly called a boob job. Thanks to modern technology, there are several types of applications for breast enlargement surgery. In the following round, you can have more explanations on the types of breast enlargement.

Types of Breast enlargement (Implant, fat injection)

The most common procedure for breast augmentation is either for implant or fat injection methods. For breast implants, there are also different options that fulfill your needs.

The types of a breast implant are the following;

  • Silicone implant
  • Saline implant

A silicone implant is placed into the breast, filled with a silicone gel. The soft silicone gel is put under the breast tissue through the cut of the breast or from the armpit or from the dark-colored area of the nipple. This silicone implant gives a natural feel, this is why this method is preferred.

Another implant type is the saline implant, which is a combination of saline water such as salty water. There is a leaking risk of this type, however, the silicone implant should be followed up regularly and should be protected from any rupture.

During the breast enlargement procedure, your breast can be lifted as well. Bear in mind that the implants are in need of caring and they may be replaced, changed some years later after the surgery. This procedure is done for women between 18 to 50s. 

Why Opt For Breast Enlargement? 

Apart from cosmetic and aesthetic concerns, there may be other motivators to have breast enlargement. These can be for example to correct the asymmetry of the breast and put them aligned or after pregnancy, the shape and the size may not fit your body and you may be uncomfortable with weight loss. You may get over an illness and you may have sagging breasts due to breastfeeding and again breast enlargement would be an option for both aesthetic and health purposes.

If you are not confident about your breast look and want to reshape your outlook in a more feminine and attractive way, you can consider cosmetic surgeries by discussing the alternatives and post-operation procedure of the surgery. Whatever the reason, you can have your confidence back and renew your wardrobe with new dresses.

How Can I Choose The Right Size For Implants?

Implement sizes are not selected by social media photos or from celebrities, but it should be unique and customized for you. The measurement of the implant size is done by the doctor in a consultation session. Your needs should be considered when deciding the size of the breast implant, however, different sizes have different risks and benefits with fillers, shapes, or forms. 

The size should also be balanced with your body weight and height, so that you can have a more natural look. The bigger size than normal ratio can result in unaesthetic or unnecessary pains after the surgery. The optimum size should be decided with a surgeon to have a more successful result. They can consider your life cycle, body ratio with height and weight, and possible health issues together with your health history. 

Will My Implant Drop With Time? 

Depending on the procedure your breast can drop. Also, right after the surgery, your breast may take time to settle to its normal position. If the breast is placed under the pectoralis muscle, there will be pressure on the implant, and after a while when the muscles get relaxed, the breast may drop. So, to keep the implant higher, it can be placed over the muscle. 

The post-surgery may take a minimum of 6 weeks to heal and have the normal shape. During this time, it will drop a little or one breast drops before the other one. Time is a healer and waiting is the best option to see the best results out of the surgery. To maintain the implants for a long time, you should follow up with your doctor periodically to prevent any inconsistency or any risk that may arise in a period of time.



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