Where Should We Place The Implant?


Since breast implants invention, there is a debate on where the breast implants are located. Many clinics and surgeons swear by the position of the implants under the pectoral muscle and educate even more potential cosmetic surgeons about this method of placing. This article discusses the different forms of placements and which form is suitable for whom.

Implants under the pectoralis muscle

In breast augmentation, the tendon is partly removed from the breastbone under the pectoral muscle, and the implant is placed below. The muscle of the chest covers up to 40% of the implant. It will be explained below why this method has certain disadvantages and is therefore rarely used.

Implants over the pectoralis muscle

The breast augmentation over the chest muscle positions the implants above the pectoral muscle so that they better blend into the existing tissue of the body. For both cosmetic and functional purposes, this form of breast augmentation is preferred, and is recommended for most patients. Also, it is recommended for natural look too. The majority of surgeons work in harmony with nature and want to retain its aesthetics. All female breast volumetric fatty tissue is located in front of the breast muscle. So why should an implant be forced behind the muscle which is supposed to enlarge the breast? During an operation the muscle is severed, and the implant is pushed underneath. This leads to a heavy and painful stretching that is associated with great pain and an impairment of function. It loses by cutting its strength by about 25%.

Admittedly, in everyday life this doesn’t happen too much, but it can lead to significant restrictions for women athletes. In addition, the muscle pushes with every movement on the implant. This can result in unsightly deformation and fatigue in the material. Another no small issue is that implants sometimes “stick” to the cutting line under the muscle. This leads to the so-called “double bubble” effect, where a kind of edge appears in the lower part of the breast and leads to an unsightly shift in breast shape.

Both forms can be used for both methods, depending on the individual wishes and anatomical conditions of the patients. However, most surgeon recommend the location of the implant over the pectoral muscle.



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