Some Factors About Breast Reduction


Too big breasts have an effect on quality of life and can contribute to back pain. Back pain typically happens when the people who are affected try to cover their chest while pushing their shoulders forward. A reduction is carried out in the same technique as the tightening, and after about four weeks the exercise is allowed.

Breast reduction will only be necessary once in a lifetime as the tissue does not reproduce. Breast reduction not only helps improve mental health and quality of life, but it can also be remedied for back and shoulder pain caused by too large breasts. During treatment, the nipple is moved upwards to improve the shape. A special bra is worn in the weeks following the surgery. Mammary hyperplasia is the technical term for a large breast, and it may cause chronic pain in the head, neck and shoulder area.

A lot of women also get tired of not finding the right clothes. In some cases, body-accented wardrobe and wide necklines are avoided altogether. Some women are even so impaired they don’t feel good anymore in a swimsuit or bikini and therefore refrain from sauna or spa. Within the background of a breast surgery, affected women can be treated safely and effectively, thanks to the current state of medical science. More and more women are resolutely taking the step of breast reduction with plastic surgery.

Because the condition of a female breast greatly depends on the actual state of the skin or connective tissue as well as the excess tissue, the first step towards the ideal size in my plastic surgery practice is a detailed knowledge discussion. Thus, the actual state can be quickly raised, as well as the ideal target state to be worked out. This then determines the duration of the breast reduction and breast lift surgery, as well as the costs incurred.

A breast reduction reduces breast size and weight and allows you to take an active lifestyle without pain and restrictions. Excess fat and breast tissue are removed during breast reduction, the breast is reshaped, uplifted and adapted to the body. The breast augmentation following the breast reduction therefore increases the attractiveness of the breast as well. Just as with the breast augmentation, the effect of breast reduction or tightening will of course be good.



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