Root Canal Treatment


Our teeth may be the reason for any headache, bacteria in the mouth or other dental problems. If you ignore caring for your mouth and dental health, it is inevitable to face procedures such as root canal treatment.

What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure to treat the infected roots of the tooth. It is not removing the tooth but treating the soft tissues under the tooth. There is a soft tissue called a pulp that during the root canal treatment, the nerves and the blood vessels that help the tooth grow by these pulps are cut so that the infected area is cured.

The endodontist runs the dental procedure with local anesthesia, and it is not used to as before because the root canal treatment is performed in such a huge number every year that the experienced endodontist can complete the procedure in 2 or 3 dental appointments. There are some reasons for pulps to be infected such as multiple tooth procedures, deep decays, tooth cracks and tooth damages that affect the pulp. 

How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

You may have several symptoms to consult a dentist and end with a root canal treatment. However, the treatment helps you to have more advantages than losing your teeth.

  • You keep your own teeth
  • You can chew stronger and get rid of the pain
  • You do not lose the natural look 
  • Others teeths are also protected from such operation

After the examination, the dentist may decide on performing root canal treatment. The treatment contains several steps. Firstly, the dental treatment is performed with local anesthesia and the endodontist works on the infected area with sterilized equipment. Once the irritation and infected area is treated the medication and antibiotics are placed to protect the tooth. 

A general root canal treatment may take an hour long, however,  the structure of the nerves and the sensitivity of the operation may take longer, around one and a half hours. There are also follow up appointments by the dentist. So before having root canal treatment always schedule appointments,  consult a dentist and be aware to rest some more time in case of tiredness.

The dentist may advise and schedule one or more appointments for root canal treatment depending on the tooth conditions. On the first visit the infected tissue and the pulp is eliminated, placed in a protective material. The second round will be the total clean and coverage of the tooth by rubbing.

How Long Should I Wait Between Root Canal Treatments?

As the root canal treatment aims to cure the infection, sealing the tooth and completing the treatment phases you may visit more than one to the dentist clinic. The most frequently asked question is how long should I wait between root canal treatment? The answer depends on your medication and treatment but in general between two visits you may wait a minimum one week and it may be up to 3 weeks.

What Makes A Successful Root Canal?

The aim of the root canal treatment is to save your natural tooth and keep it as long as possible. But for some reasons, the pulp tissue may damage the tooth and you need a root canal remedy. There are also factors to have successful treatment. The early decision can save your tooth so if you have any pain or your dentist diagnosed with root canal treatment, take it seriously and do not delay. 

The quality of your tooth and medication may also impact the procedure. Your tooth structure and tolerance may affect the removal of pulp infection. The age of the tooth is another factor that again they are all related to each other. And the timeline of the treatment will be the cherry on top with less pain and quicker treatment and healing. For more details always consult an experienced dentist and endodontist for the schedule and treatment needs and details.



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