Jawline Filler In Turkey


Jawline filling is a method of filling application performed along two mandibular bone extensions extending from the tip of the jaw to the front of the ear. It is the process of making the lines on both sides of the face area from the corner of the chin to the tip of the chin more pronounced. The filling to be applied to the jawline and chin ends makes the face area look more attractive, stylish, and aesthetic.

The chin, which has a symmetrical and smooth line as well as a jaw structure that is compatible with the face, shows the facial part, which is the first focus of our body, quite clearly and beautifully. The jaw structure that we have congenitally and genetically transferred and the chin structure that changes as a result of any impact can reduce this effect. For this reason, the differences that may occur can be quite small, and there may be disorders extending to the extent that people do not like their images. In such cases, most people tend to have jawline filling operations and undergo cosmetic surgeries for the chin, which has a more attractive, stylish, and symmetrical structure.

In jawline filling applications, the chin is prioritized; The mismatch between the jaw area and the face or the jawlines that show weight and lose their clarity is more emphasized. If you have a jaw structure and face line you want, you can use the easy-to-apply jawline filling method.

It is a very effective option for people who usually have a fear of surgery and do not have enough time to recover. Techniques that do not require surgery for those who want to undergo surgical operations also allow them to have a preliminary experience process.

Thanks to the jawline filling, the weak appearance in the chin area of the face are eliminated by filling, the chin area and chin tip become clear and a pronounced jaw structure can be obtained. Thus, the face profile comes out of the oval appearance and a more attractive and youthful appearance is obtained. Thanks to this application, also known as liquid lifting, it has become easier to achieve the desired face shape.



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