Is Age Important For Breast Lift?


There is a common misconception that you have to be a certain age to be a suitable candidate for a breast lift. Age, however, is not necessarily a clear indicator of whether a breast lift may be right for you or not, since this choice will be affected by several other factors. Around the age of 20, our bodies begin producing fewer collagen. Thus, depending on the size of your breasts and other variables such as pregnancy, weight loss or gain, and genetics, drooping skin will occur earlier than you would expect. Instead of asking what the best age for a breast lift is, ask yourself whether you fit into the following categories or not to help you determine if a breast lift could be right for you.

Overall Health:

Your cosmetic surgeon will conduct a physical evaluation before any cosmetic operation to make sure you are in good physical and mental health. For example, if you are still working on reaching a substantial weight loss target, it might be wise to postpone your breast lift until you have achieved a healthy weight. Lifestyle variables such as eating a balanced diet, having enough exercise, and reducing stress contribute significantly to the overall health and well-being of an individual. Therefore, an older woman could be in better physical health than a younger woman, making the older woman a better choice for cosmetic surgery.

Skin Quality:

Owing to excess or loose skin around their breasts, many women want to have a breast lift. A variety of factors, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, substantial weight loss, and the normal aging process, may cause this. Age is just one factor, as you can see, that can contribute to loose or drooping skin in this region. You may be a good candidate for a breast lift if this is a cosmetic issue for you at virtually any age. When raising the position of your breasts, this operation removes and tightens excess skin, resulting in a firmer, perkier look.

Breast Symmetry

For certain women, one reason they recommend a breast enhancement operation like a breast lift is asymmetrical breasts. In deciding how symmetrical the breasts naturally are, genetics can play a role, while extrinsic influences such as breastfeeding, weight loss or gain, and even disorders such as scoliosis can also lead to breast asymmetry. In certain ways, a breast lift with or without implants may be an effective solution to breast asymmetry. At your appointment, discuss your specific objectives with your cosmetic surgeon to help you determine whether breast enhancement may be right for you.

The “Pencil Test”

Finally, you should conduct what is known as the pencil test to decide whether or not you could be a candidate for a breast lift if you are worried that your breasts are drooping at any age. Place a pencil under your breast at the crease to conduct the pencil examination. If the pencil remains in place, this usually means the dropping of the breast is sufficiently necessary to benefit from a breast lift. You might not be a candidate for this treatment at this time if the pencil drops to the ground.



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