Incorrect Information About BBL


In Brazilian Butt Lift operation, your butt is over enlarged.

This is one of the biggest misunderstandings about BBL. BBL is an operation to shape of Butt the same time. If you are in ideal weight but cannot reach the shape you want, BBL will help you achieve your goal. So, the first goal of BBL operation is to give you the shape that you want instead of just making it bigger.

It is necessary to gain weight before the Brazilian Butt Lift operation.

You don’t need to gain extra fat before the operation. It is best to have this operation when you are in your ideal body weight. Having an extra 10 kilos doesn’t mean you’ll get better results in BBL operation. On the contrary, it might be cause worse results. Your doctor will determine the amount of the fat will be taken and injected, according to your body weight.

Brazilian Butt Lift operation is very risky.

There is also a risk in BBL surgery as much as other operations. However, your doctor has been trained to minimize this risk. Your doctor will make the necessary explanations to prevent the complications that may occur before the operation and the risks of surgery.

I do not have enough body fat for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

This happens very rarely. And also, people, who are thin and have low body fat, do not need extra fat to get good results from BBL surgery.

Liposuction makes your skin wrinkled.

This is only a temporary side effect. The areas where the fat is taken from may wrinkle after the operation, but it will recover within a few weeks. As in any surgery, there is a healing process in the BBL operation.

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