How To Lose Sagging Skin After Weight Loss?

The only thing that every person fears to see on his body with ageing is a sagging skin problem. So, is sagging skin only a sign of advancing age?

Why Does Skin Become Sagging After Weight Loss?

Over time, sagging occurs on the skin that loses its elasticity. However, sagging skin is not just about the lack of flexibility in the skin. Skin tissue is usually made up of fat, and with weight loss, sagging skin occurs. At the same time, sudden weight loss is an essential factor in the formation of skin sagging. The increase in height experienced during adolescence can also cause skin sagging. In addition to these, the location of the intestines in the body, which is approximately eight metres long, may indirectly cause the formation of skin sagging. Losing weight becomes more complicated when the intestines, which are mixed in shape, make it difficult for waste material to pass through and body fat increases. Because of this, skin sagging occurs.

How To Prevent Sagging Skin?

In order to prevent the formation of sagging skin, first of all, weight should be lost slowly. Of course, everyone wants to lose weight easily and gain a slimmer appearance. However, rapid weight loss causes the fat to melt quickly and makes the body thinner, and the skin becomes abundant and causes sagging. It will be more beneficial to be under control while losing weight. Try to lose weight, not more than one kilo a week. If you lose weight like this, the skin can  recover and there will be no sagging skin.

Nutrition should be considered. To avoid sagging, a protein-based diet is  required. In terms of foods, Increasing protein while reducing carbohydrates and fat will minimize muscle loss and prevent skin sagging. Attention should be paid to consuming foods rich in vitamins A, E and minerals. Another way to prevent sagging is to keep the moisture level of your skin high. When the skin is not moisturised, wrinkles and sagging skin will appear. The way to prevent sagging skin with a lack of moisture is to keep your body hydrated.

Drinking water has a very important effect on both skin health and weight loss. The resulting sagging is the problem of dry skin. Plenty of water should be consumed. Consumption of 9-10 glasses of water daily will help prevent the formation of skin sagging. You should massage your skin. Massage increases the flexibility of the body. Massage stimulates blood vessels in the skin and accelerates blood circulation. When the blood circulation accelerates, the skin begins to collect itself more quickly. Thus, skin sagging is prevented.

One of the surest solutions for sagging skin on certain parts of the body is to do sports. Sports and regular exercise strengthen the muscles. Weight training, in  particular, accelerates the collection process of sagging skin. Thus, over time,  the body begins to collect itself.The last resort is surgery. If the person experiencing sagging skin is young, it will take a shorter time for the skin to recover. But after a certain age, it will take longer for the skin to recover. People in this situation should first try the six steps above and be patient. If the result is not obtained and he is psychologically ready for this, surgery can be performed.

How To Fix Saggy Skin And Gain Its Elasticity?

Whatever your age is, you should not stay inactive for so long. Regular and continuous exercise movements will prevent the formation of sagging. Exercising is very important for both mental and physical health. For this reason, we will talk about exercises that you can do on your own in daily life.

Some Exercises That You Can Do Are:

To tighten the abdominal area; doing sit-ups is the most familiar and beneficial Method. To tighten the legs and buttocks; Cycling, swimming, jogging or walking will

tighten these areas and prevent sagging. To tighten the arm area; You may benefit from lifting weights, swimming or other strength exercises. It will allow you to get rid of sagging under the arms to a large extent.

To tighten the face and neck area; You should stretch your facial muscles. Face yoga works many of the muscles in your face. This will make the sagging in the neck area, and the lines on your face become smoother by stretching. The food you eat, especially in the developmental age, is very important in the development of your body. Therefore, you should consume protein-rich and fat-free foods.

Liposuction, also referred to as fat removal surgery, is a procedure that removes excess fat from the body by removing it through a vacuum technique. It can be done on various body parts, such as the abdomen, thighs, arms, and neck. This operational procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia. It can also  be done on specific body parts, such as the thighs and abdomen. If the patient can follow the doctor’s instructions, this procedure can be performed without any complications. Unfortunately, some complications can occur during the procedure, such as excessive bleeding. This is why the patient must be informed about the risks involved before the surgery is performed.

Liposuction is generally done to get rid of fat that’s accumulated in certain areas due to various factors such as genetics, pregnancy, and an unhealthy diet. It can also treat other conditions such as breast growth disorder in men. Liposuction results in the reduction of fat cells in certain areas. The size of the fat that’s taken out depends on the volume and image of the area. As long as the patient’s weight remains stable, the effects of the procedure are usually permanent.



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