How Covid Mask Helps You To Cover Your Recovery?


Although many people were nestled at home during the Covid outbreak, others flocked to their plastic surgeons to begin their cosmetic procedures. If you decided to upgrade your look with a beauty treatment, with everyone hidden behind a mask, you can transform your appearance discreetly now. The toughest thing for some patients is to find the time to recover from these procedures. With a mask on your hand, a pair of shades, or a wide floppy hat, you’re going to be able to complete your recovery time free of uncomfortable looks! Here are a few treatments that will have you ready for post-pandemic parties:

  • Facelift: When the skin loses its elasticity and begins to bleed, a facelift will minimize your perceived age for years and define your natural bone structure. During the procedure, excess skin is taught and trimmed to improve the appearance of the tone and establish a youthful form. You should anticipate bruising and swelling to begin to dissipate within the two to three weeks following the operation. Recovery normally takes one month or two weeks after surgery.
  • Neck Lift: As we age, our skin starts to become thin and our muscles become weak. Without proper tone, gravity forces tissue down, resulting in a reduction in the definition. A neck lift removes excess fat and tissue around the neck and redistributes it as required. Patients report experiencing tightness in the throat, bleeding, and swelling. The recovery process is known to last a few weeks to months.
  • Lip Blushing: This permanent makeup application will create a volume description and curvature picture by applying pigmentation to your lips. Unlike injections, the effects of lip blushing can last for two to five years, and care is more affordable for the long term. The healing process involves swelling, scabbing, tenderness, and discoloration. After about 10 days, your lips will start to sound natural, and the tone will go out. Your lips won’t lose their luster with this treatment.
  • Smile Design: If you have some imperfections in your smile, several dental treatments will instantly enhance your look. Our cosmetic and maxillofacial surgeon dentist at MayClinik, recommends a smile design to patients who want to achieve dramatic results. Smile design consists of a variety of sequential treatments such as dental bonding, dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and dental implants. During your appointment, your dentist can evaluate your oral health and discuss your smile objectives to decide which therapies you will benefit most from so that you can get the smile you’ve always wanted.

If you are considering any procedures in Turkey, consult the right plastic surgeon with the appropriate expertise in the operation. To get more information please contact us and let’s decide what is best for you. MAYCLINIK family always here to help.



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