How Can You Benefit From Arm Lifting?

When you go under serial cosmetic surgeries, you find out that other areas on your body need to be tightened as well. Especially, if you have had liposuction procedure, you may notice your arms sagging. The type of your skin may be a reason for arms’ skin sagging too. Arm lifting helps you reach your optimal look after an operation. Whether you have had cosmetic surgery  or not, your skin still may lose elasticity and get a saggy look. In such cases if you are not comfortable with your body,  arm lifting procedure will be the answer for slimmer and beautiful arms.

What is Arm Fat?

The fat can be restored in different areas of the body. If you lost quite a big amount of weight or have done a liposuction procedure, the excessive fat on the arms can be more visible. Simply the excessive fat around the arms are called arm fat. When you lose weight you can be uncomfortable to see your arms sagging in the mirror. It is generally also known as armpit fat. 

The causes of armpit fat are; mostly genetic factors and the rapid  gain and loss of weight. Also hormones have an impact on fat storage on arms and armpits. Especially pregnancy, menopause are the reasons for hormonal changes that affect the fats.  

These hormonal changes may lead an axillary breast tissue that also make your body fatty and visible from your posture. Both arm and armpit fat make you seem overweight or unpasteurized with your belly and legs. Arm fats make your arms heavier and give them a sagging look, as a result, it makes you look older than you are. The elasticity of the skin on the arms may be weaker, and no matter what  you do, you can’t get rid of them.

How is Arm Lift Surgery Performed?

If you are not happy with the appearance, especially your arms sagging skin, you can consider having an arm lift surgery. This surgery is also called brachioplasty and it is one of the surgeries where you should get narcosis. Through this surgery you can get rid of the sagging skin, dry tissue from the elbows to the armpits. In this way you can contour your upper body and look more fit, young and thinner. 

When the surgeon removes the excessive skin under the arm,  if necessary the removal can be extended to the chest including armpit. The procedure is mainly safe, however for any complications you should always discuss the side effects or important points and cautions with your surgeon. Generally the arm lift procedure is performed when the liposuction procedure is requested or when the liposuction is not enough, the sagging  skin is removed with another operation of arm lift surgery. 

Liposuction by itself is not enough as it sucks the excessive fat under the body but not stretched as you wanted. So that, before having a liposuction procedure or arm lifting operation, it is advised to discuss the details and having done the two operations at the same time. The modeling is available for arm lift procedures where the excessive fat is drawn, so you can see how your arms will be lifted after the procedure, it generally takes 1 to 3 hours but it may depend on the needs and operations you want. 

The brachioplasty surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon and the before and after procedure should be carefully followed for a successful result. You may wear special and light clothes during the recovery period. Pain killers may relieve the pain after the surgery. After all, you have a better and dynamic look that you can refresh your wardrobe.



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