Guide Of Hair Transplantation In Turkey


If the surgeons are experienced in it, hair transplantation is typically a straightforward procedure. Turkey is also the ultimate destination of choice for those who wish to perform hair transplants. Recent advancements in technology and investments have made hair transplants more available. As a result, the demand for hair transplants in Turkey has increased tremendously in recent years. Also, the full range of cost estimates and online comparisons makes it challenging to decide easily. This guide will give you the factors you should consider when making an informed hair transplant decision in Turkey.

What is a hair transplant?

It is a surgical operation that takes about 4-6 hours to restore the appearance of thinned or damaged hair (depending on how many hair follicles are to be transplanted). FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most common, successful process. The grafts taken from the upper part of the person’s nape are transplanting into another region during the operation. The reason the graft is taken off the nape is that this region has a hair loss resistant structure.

Specialized Treatment

Pay for specialized care. It is best to select a hospital to operate with highly skilled and qualified surgeons. A hair transplant surgeon should inform patients about complications and side effects that may occur after treatment. Also, the doctor and the team should be reachable at any time by patients when they have complaints or questions.

What are the number of transplants and price?

The number of grafts required for the hair transplant would directly influence the price; most transplants plus the final treatment cost is high. Unless a clinic or surgeon offers a fixed rate regardless of the number of operations required (as is often the case with clinics in Turkey, the number of transplants will determine the final price). Also, depending on the procedure recommended or chosen, the final cost of treatment may vary.

What are the transplant methods?

There are several techniques for hair transplantation. The most common technique is the follicular unit extraction technique (FUE), in which each follicular unit is transplanted one by one. Other methods include follicular transplantation (FUT) or bandaging, which involves removing a band of hair from the back of the head and placing the units in the receiver area. After the hair is collected from the nape area, they are transplanted to the needed areas.

Does hair transplant make you sick?

The operation will perform under local anesthesia to prevent pain. During the healing process, you can feel discomfort. However, any pain or possible problems can be treated with standard painkillers or medications. Doctors performing hair transplantation in Turkey know this and give information about all.

Will the hair transplant will leave a scar?

FUE does not leave scars, and this is the safest choice if you want to keep your hair shorter. FUT surgery in the donor area is likely to leave a scar, although it may be covered in mid-length hair.

How does it take to see the result?

The first results can be visible after about four months. However, the final result can be seen within the year. If there is a big area that cannot be covered in one session, the second operation will be needed, and that situation can extend the period of the result.

Is the hair transplant permanent?

There is no exact guaranty for that. That depends on your grafts and natural person. However, generally, it is permanent and lasts a very long time.

What should I be careful when I chose the clinic?

When you are looking for the clinic you should be careful about your specialist and the team as a first step.  Your specialist should understand what exactly you need, and the team must do the necessary blood tests, and always pay attention to septic and new equipment. This is one of several reasons why Turkey is a great destination for hair transplants. Hair transplantation is typically a straightforward procedure, especially if the surgeons are experienced in it. Turkey is now the ultimate destination of choice for those who wish to perform hair transplants. For further information, you can contact us and ask any questions if you need besides this guide.



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