Global Beauty Trends


Curtain bangs from the ’70s, blush contours from the ’80s, and blue eye shadows from the ’90s are past beauty trends that have been more readily classified over a decade. Such trends have taken years to die away, and newer trends have also evolved more slowly than the current pace. The rate of emergence of newer trends in the fashion industry has gone up dramatically and every year has its defining beauty trends. The lightning speed at which social media operates has led to a modern age in which every day we see new ways of styling your hair, makeup, nails, and even our complete wardrobe.

With technology advancing at an unprecedented pace, the number of products available for cosmetic care has gone wild. Among the different forms of surgery, there are four main types of cosmetic surgery, namely breast implants, liposuction, eyelid surgery, and nose surgery. According to most research, breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery in the world. With the US ranked the highest and closely followed by Brazil, this is representative of the social mentality of these nations. America is now known to the world for having a dominant philosophy of “bigger is better,” which is a significant contributor to the vast number of women who opt for breast enlargement surgery in the United States. The influence of Hollywood and the western glamor industry would, of course, be another factor.

But we should bear in mind that not only are Americans affected by western expectations of beauty – East Asian countries are still highly influenced by western culture and celebrities. The growing westernization of Asian culture explains why Japan is the world’s leading eye surgery country. Even Japanese surgeons recognize that their patients are susceptible to a wide eye look that makes their features more ‘westernized.’ On the other hand, China has emerged as the world’s hub for liposuction surgery, with the highest number of liposuction surgeries performed per capita in the world. The comparatively lower cost of such procedures in China than in other western countries may be a possible reason for this explosion.



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