Effect Of Video Conferencing On Plastic Surgeries


Lockdowns driven by the COVID-19 pandemic led to a shift towards working from home. Teams are now collaborating via meetings on video conferencing sites such as Zoom, Webex, and Facetime. This has caused people to become aware of how they look at the camera. According to leading plastic surgeons, with increased usage of video channels, people are searching for ways to update their faces because they don’t like the way they look at video calling apps. People claim their eyes look tired, their necks look full; a bad camera or a bad angle can exaggerate these problems.

This year, other recreational things have taken a back seat, and having an elective surgery done gives people a chance to get something special done for themselves. Also, having plastic surgery at this time is good for people who work from home because it helps them to heal at home, without running around too much and getting stressed out. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 68% of plastic surgeons have begun to see patients through telemedicine consultations to avoid contact during the pandemic.

Other trends during the coronavirus lockdown include liposuction and tummy tuck, although breast enlargements and breast reductions are increasing at a slower pace. Liposuction is better than other treatments, with higher demand among women, as you can stay at home and recover by wearing a compression garment. MAYCLINIK practices offer all of these procedures using the latest techniques:

  • Liposuction: Liposuction removes excess fat from regions of the body such as the chest, thighs, belly, back, neck, or limbs with the new techniques. They come with fewer side effects than traditional liposuction as well as short downtime and recovery.
  • Facelift: Having a facelift with MAYCLINIK will help you maintain a more youthful look by treating sagging skin and other age-related changes. The procedure is performed using advanced techniques such as an endoscopic or deep plane.
  • Tummy Tuck: A tummy tuck with MAYCLINIK can help you achieve a trimmer midsection by getting rid of stubborn abdominal fat and tightening the skin and muscles.
  • Breast Augmentation: MAYCLINIK surgeons conduct breast enlargement with different forms of breast implants which can have natural-looking outcomes.
  • Breast Reduction and Breast Lift: Breast reduction surgery reduces the size of large breasts. A breast lift increases the bust line by removing excess skin and reshaping the tissue, resulting in a firmer, more youthful bust line. Breast reduction is also performed to address gynecomastia.

If you are considering plastic surgery in Istanbul / Turkey, do your research well and arrange a consultation with an accomplished plastic surgeon in an AAAASF-accredited practice. Most practices offer virtual consultations and discuss your concerns and goals with your surgeon when you do your consultation. If you are a good candidate for the procedure you want a specialist who will help you achieve your cosmetic goals through personalized treatment. And if you have more questions about the treatments, please contact us!



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