Choosing Bra After Breast Augmentation


The bra you wear after your operation will make all the difference when it comes to your breast augmentation performance. Although it can seem overwhelming to pick a bra, choosing the right one will help your breast implants settle properly for years to come and look beautiful. The type of bra you need will depend on your recovery point, but where you will start is a compression bra after breast augmentation. 

Post-Surgical Bras

Your cosmetic surgeon can give you a medical-grade compression bra after your breast augmentation. If not, they would most likely advise you to buy these before your operation so that you can wear them for your initial recovery from breast augmentation. Compression bras work to hold wound dressings in place, protect the tender tissue of the breast, minimize the movement of the implant, help reduce swelling and facilitate healing immediately after the operation. Your surgeon will advise you during your appointment and after your breast augmentation operation on how to wear these compression bras and how long you have to wear them. In most situations, before changing to a more comfortable sports bra, you can wear a compression bra every day and night for one to two weeks.

Transitioning to a Supportive Sports Bra

If you can transition to a sports bra, your cosmetic surgeon can let you know when you can. This can occur anywhere from two weeks post-op to a month because everyone’s recovery is different. This does not mean, however, that you can just grab any old sports bra. You are already in post-operative rehabilitation, and your implants require assistance. You want to avoid something with an underwire while searching for a good supportive sports bra, as this can irritate the incision. As you will continue to wear a sports bra before you are fully healed, you want to find a bra that is comfortable for daily wear and your surgeon says you should transition to a normal support bra.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bra

There are a few things to consider when searching for a good sports bra that will make your recovery easier and provide the support that your implants and new breasts need.

  • No Underwire: Avoid bras with underwire at this time as it can cause irritation and discomfort.
  • Front Clasp: Look for bras with a front clasp or closure for sports. This makes it easy to take it off and put it on and reduces the need for unnecessary movement across the tissue of the breast.
  • Good Support: Look for a bra for your breasts that offers good support. You want a bra to hold them up high on your stomach.
  • Breathable Fabric: You want a bra made of breathable synthetic or a cotton-blend material because you’re still recovering. These fabrics can help keep your breasts dry and avoid irritation and excess moisture.
  • Adjustable Straps: The swelling will go down as you continue to heal, and your implants may change their location. Getting adjustable straps allows you to change the fit as appropriate.
  • Comfortable Fit: Above all, you want to find a bra that is secure when keeping your breasts in place for all-day wear. Make sure that there is no undue pressure on your breasts anywhere that could cause discomfort.

Finding a Feminine Bra with Support

Many women are looking forward to the day when they can switch to a more feminine bra that allows them to fully enjoy the appearance of their new breasts. Your change to a standard support bra can be longer or shorter than some, as every woman recovers differently. When you are ready for a standard support bra, your cosmetic surgeon will let you know.  You want to find one that offers enough protection to prevent your breasts from falling too low when it is time to select a standard support bra. It’s important to find the right bra to keep your breast implants looking fantastic for several years.



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