Can Smartphone Usage Cause Ageing?


Things such as “smartphone face” and “tech neck wrinkles” are becoming a new cosmetic issue for men and women alike with the use of smartphones on the rise and more people working remotely. If more noticeable wrinkles, sagging skin or even acne have been found, your technical devices may at least be partly to blame. So, what does sag skin have to do with your smartphone, and what can you do to counteract these unwanted effects? Smartphones, laptops, tablets and other technical devices may harm your appearance in three major ways.

  • The first is by forcing your neck to crane downwards continually to look at your phone and laptop. Over time, this will potentially shorten your neck muscles, leaving your jowl region with less support. This can result in a drooping jowl or what’s now referred to as “tech neck.”
  • Secondly, the blue light produced by our screens has been shown to age the skin prematurely. Although blue light glasses can protect your eyes from blue light, few products can protect your skin effectively.

Finally, think about all the bacteria that have grown up over the last day or even week on your mobile phone. Now, think of when you last cleaned the screen of your mobile phone. The image you’ve painted is a dirty smartphone full of bacteria that can easily cause acne and other skin problems if you’re like most of us.

Fortunately, there are several surgical and non-surgical treatments for smartphone face and tech neck.

Facelift: A facelift, which includes removing and tightening loose skin in the mid-and lower-face regions, is perhaps one of the more obvious remedies. Many in these areas with pronounced lines, creases and sagging skin can be ideal candidates for a facelift.

Neck Lift: If your key issues are technical neck wrinkles and drooping jowls, a neck lift might be the most suitable remedy. To produce a cleaner, more youthful-looking outline, this technique will tighten the jowl and neck area. For more detailed outcomes, some individuals chose to pair a neck lift with a facelift.



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