Breast Feeding After Nose Job


There are thousands of individuals who want to have nose surgery. Following nose surgery, female patients are concerned about breastfeeding. “Is nose surgery feasible during breastfeeding?”, “How long do I have to wait after nose surgery to breastfeed?” and “How long does anesthesia last in breast milk?” are the common questions. Babies get only breast milk as nutrients in the first 6 months of their lives, as it is known. Nose surgery can only be preferred after the breastfeeding period has finished. For any kind of procedure that involves anesthesia, this rule also applies. In other words, when their babies start consuming supplementary food, mothers and applicants may begin to suggest rhinoplasty.

Anesthesia changes the structure of breast milk

We reported that after the first 6 months, nose surgery can be scheduled after the baby begins supplementary food. Medications administered during anesthesia and other related conditions during surgery, on the other hand, induce changes in the breast milk composition. Babies should never be breast-feeding in this process. Although they correspond with the time when supplementary food began, breast milk still should not be cut. Therefore, it is possible to accumulate enough breast milk before the effects of anesthesia are over and it can be supplied to the baby through a baby bottle.

You should decide with your doctor

Additionally, you should certainly tell the doctor who will conduct your operation if you want to get a nose job after your birth. Thus, your plastic rhinoplasty surgeon will instruct you and make his recommendations in this direction. You will continue with the procedure in a very safe manner for both your baby and you by following these instructions.

Some recommendations

We will share some general suggestions for mothers planning to have nose surgery during breastfeeding in the last section of our article:

  • The baby should not be breastfed during anesthesia, as we discussed earlier. While, depending on the person and surgery, there are slight variations, the anesthetic effect passes within 8 hours on average. You will be informed about this by your doctor.
  • During the healing process of the nose procedure, there is no big deal that will require you to worry about the welfare of both your baby and you.
  • You can protect your nose from any form of trauma (injury) after nose surgery, just like anyone else. You should avoid sudden nose movements that your baby may do while on your lap for this reason.
  • Before nose surgery, you must continue within the strict rules specified by the doctor. You should, for instance, be very careful about nutrition, especially as a mother.
  • Women who have nose surgery should probably seek help from their relatives for breastfeeding. Baby aftercare is at the top of the list where they can request assistance, which can be heavy duty, especially right after surgery. As a matter of fact, after the procedure, individuals who have nose surgery should have a good rest and move less during the day.

If you are considering a Nose Job procedure in Turkey, consult the right plastic surgeon with the appropriate expertise in the operation. To get more information please contact us and let’s decide what is best for you. MAYCLINIK family always here to help.



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