Benefits of Hair Transplantation


Either at a young age or not, if you have concerns about hair loss and aesthetic needs, the solution is the hair transplant. You may have hair loss due to genetic factors, skin problems, stress or other diseases, and the permanent solution for you is hair transplantation. Firstly, the operation is easy to perform, then,  after recovery you will definitely uplift your motivation and get  your confidence back. Secondly, you will  eliminate the hair loss problem and you will not be called bald any more.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a kind of surgery that involves transplanting hair follicles from the hairy part which is known as the donor area of the head and transferring them to the bald area to make the hair grow and have a natural look.

The Best Season For Hair Transplants

Before deciding to have a hair transplant operation, you should also check the time of the year that is  convenient for you, as well as your recovery time. As this kind of surgery is sensitive, one should always remember to avoid direct sunlight. You can shelter yourself or wear a hat or simply choose autumn or winter as a season time for hair transplantation. Sunlight and swimming are forbidden after the operation. It is advised to swim a few weeks later. The best time will be on a holiday break. If you stay away from your office, you can rest well before returning to normal life. Also scheduling with your doctor is important to have the relevant controls.  In short, there is no best time to do a hair transplant but you can schedule the best time for your needs and lifestyle  by consulting your doctor.

What is The Perfect Hair Transplant ?

Thanks to the new developments, technology and the importance of being visually aesthetic nowadays, hair transplant operations are getting popular and improving day by day. Different techniques and methods are available and doctors are more experienced. There are two methods for transplantation: the first one is Follicular Unit Extraction, also called FUE and the second one is FUT with transplanting. The  most common method between patients is the FUE method. People prefer this method because it leaves no scars or strips on the head, in other words, the scars will be hidden under your hair which makes them invisible. The hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area and moved to the hair loss area. The procedure is not painful and has a short recovery time. This procedure can be applied with robotic devices as well. In the bald area, you will have the same hair growing as in the rest of your head. Your hair will look natural and it will be nice to have hair care after all. In the FUT transplant method, Surgeons apply a strip on the donor area and transfer the hair follicles. This creates a visible scar on the donor spot and may be more sensitive than the other methods.  Also pricing is different between these two methods.

Which Country is Well-Known For Hair Transplantation?

This might be a tricky question, it is not evident where to have your operation, because you may access the world easily with one ticket and find the best doctor for your needs, but as there are so many destinations,  it’s hard to decide which country to choose to have your procedure. For hair transplant operations you may see some countries ranked on top of the list. Therefore, the well-known country for hair transplants is Turkey. It’s not a surprise because there are so many experienced surgeons with well-equipped hospitals and clinics in Turkey. Moreover, compared to other countries,  prices are reasonable and patients can also enjoy being in Turkey to visit both luxury and historic places. With all these advantages, Turkey became popular for hair transplantation. Turkey attracts more than 60.000 patients for hair transplant procedures every year.  The following countries like Poland, Hungary, Thailand, Germany and the list continues are one of the countries that perform hair transplants. The question is how you will be taken care of, how hygienic the operation will be and how comfortable it will be for you to have an optimal result. The prices are mainly compared, but besides the cost, the doctors’ experience and conditions are also important. You can always consult and check agencies and clinics for more detailed support.

Hair Transplant Advantages

It is never too late to take care of yourself and get a hair transplant procedure because the advantages are more than your concerns. So you can see the hair transplant advantages 

  • Improves self esteem
  • Long-term profitability
  • You are not Bald any more
  • Embrace new appearance and new beginnings
  • Low probability of side effects 
  • Not artificial but natural hair 
  • Permanent solution for hair loss


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