Are You A Candidate For Body Contouring?


Any treatment that improves the silhouette relates to body contouring. Body contouring is also called body sculpting because these processes allow you to “sculpt” the shape of your body by removing excess fat and excess skin. There are many forms of body contouring procedures, including both surgical and non-surgical procedures. However, these surgical procedures tend to produce more dramatic results. Our doctor provides liposuction for the removal of fat in the belly, hips, thighs, and arms when it comes to surgical body contouring procedures. He also provides tummy tucks, which have the added advantage of tightening and eliminating excess skin from the abdominal muscles. Due to the nature of a surgical procedure, not everyone is an ideal candidate. Our doctor may take your healthy history and perform a test to decide whether body contouring is right for you, but these 4 signs may usually mean that you are eligible for body contouring.

  1. You have excess skin following significant weight loss: Losing weight takes hard work and determination, and it can be frustrating to see saggy skin that just does not react well to diet or exercise if you’ve put in the effort to lose weight. Thankfully, unwanted skin can be eliminated by body contouring procedures such as abdominoplasty. Body contouring is also a useful way to address stubborn fat and saggy skin after pregnancy.
  2. You’re already within your goal weight: The ideal candidate follows a healthy, well-balanced diet, and exercises regularly. It is advised to practice these healthy behaviors even after your procedure so that you can maintain your performance. Liposuction and tummy tucks can help you slim your thighs or create a sleek new profile, but there’s a catch. The ideal candidate is already within 15-20% of your goal / ideal weight. This makes it possible for the operation to have the greatest impact and transform your body into the sculpted body you’ve always desired.
  3. You have positive, realistic goals: Body sculpting is a personal decision, and it should only be done if you want it. Body sculpting is not a way for you to meet the aesthetic goals that someone else has for you; it is a way for you to meet goals that you have for yourself.
  4. You are a non-smoker: Believe it or not, in recovery from any surgery, smoking plays a major role. Smoking will delay healing; your circulation is also negatively affected. Which is why the ideal body contouring candidate is a non-smoker.


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